3 Different Approach Used At Global Sevilla Academic Levels Explained

3 Different Approach Used At Global Sevilla Academic Levels Explained

One thing that makes Global Sevilla very confident about their academic achievement and learning programs is never the same approach. While all of the students will have to do a mindfulness approach, but each of these academic international school in Jakarta Barat levels has a distinguishing teaching technique. What are they? here is a brief explanation for you.


Three Approach Used In Global Sevilla Academics Levels

  1. Project And Research-Based Learning

The project and research-based learning are meant for the highest degree level in Global Sevilla school. It is mainly for the junior high or senior high school students. The PBL approach is a teaching method that allows the student to learn by actively engaging or experiencing real world meaningful projects.

The student will work on a long time project that engages them to solve the real-world problem. They will constantly answer the question and demonstrate their skills by doing a presentation in front of a real audience. The school will provide facilities and activities, such as laboratories, research, internship, to a field trip.


  1. Active Inquiry-Based Learning

Before the engaging and high order thinking approach, the primary students of international school Jakarta Barat will get an active inquiry-based learning technique. The approach believes engaging students will help them understand the material. Rather than listening and jot down the information, students need to be active in the classroom.

Using the Cambridge Primary and International Primary Curriculum, the teacher can create programs that encourage students to learn and enjoy the class. It is also believed that students can develop their skills during classroom activities, such as listening to speaking abilities through presentation and performances.


  1. Fun And Practical Learning

At the kindergarten level, the approach will be more fun and practical. In this stage, younger students tend to have problems in learning through reading or listening. That is why the school uses the International Early Years curriculum or IEYC to focus on the children’s development needs.

It is because the international school Jakarta Barat (Global Sevilla Schools) knows that each student is different and unique. Thus, fun play and practical learning will help them adapt to the classroom environment. The curriculum is also beneficial to help developing students’ physical abilities, language, literacy, numeracy, knowledge, creativity, and personal development.


The idea of using a different approach is mainly to match the capability of the students. Each age or level will have a different ability to capture the study materials, that is why the programs are implemented. From fun activities, engaging tasks, to exploring some projects are adjusted and given to the appropriate student to enhance the learning and teaching activities.