5 Tips for Holding a Private Villa Wedding

Bali villa wedding

If in the near future you will hold a private wedding reception in a Bali villa wedding, then you can apply the theme of an outdoor or private party. Outdoor parties themselves are often the choice for couples, many of which deliberately hold them at Bali villa weddings because of the beauty of their surroundings. Before that, let’s take a peek at some tips when making the following outdoor party.


Tips for making a private wedding party outdoors


1. Pay attention to weather conditions


When you want to hold a private wedding outside the villa, of course, the first thing you need to pay attention to is the weather conditions. Both the rainy season and the weather that is too hot you also need to think about. The reason is if you hold an event during the day when the weather is so hot, it can make the party atmosphere less comfortable. As a precaution, you can rent a tent if the weather is too hot and to avoid it if it rains suddenly. It would be wiser if you choose a venue that has provided outdoor and indoor areas. So that if the rain comes, the party event can be moved to a closed area.


2. Location


When holding an outdoor party, of course, choosing a location is very important. One of the right locations to choose is the private wedding villa Bali, because the island of the gods has such a beautiful landscape around. You can determine the venue according to the concept, for example hilly or beach areas and so on.


3. Positive Mind


Apart from thinking about the location and the weather, you need to control yourself to keep a positive mind during the party. Because if the rain suddenly comes while holding an outdoor party, some people make this an excuse that makes the mood go down too. With positive thinking, your event can still be fun even if it rains.


4. Decoration


Before the event, of course, need a neat decoration with knick-knacks here and there. In determining this decoration option, you need to synchronize the decoration theme with the selected location. For example, you and your partner choose a Bali villa wedding with a sea theme and location, then the decoration should use lots of sea colors.


5. Make sure the MUA is nearby


The last tip is that you need to make sure that the MUA is not far from your surroundings. Because outdoor events are usually more prone to make makeup look less than perfect, even if it’s waterproof. This can happen because the humidity in the room is different, especially when it rains. Some of the tips above you can do and prepare before the wedding takes place. With careful preparation, your party will certainly be more memorable. Coupled with the party event held at The Surga villa wedding, the beauty of the Bukit Peninsula around it will make your reception much more beautiful and lively.


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